andyleggett (andyleggett) wrote in edna_millay,

From memory...

First Fig

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes and oh, my friends--
it gives a lovely light!

*this may be wrong, but I can recite it off the top of my head just fine. ^_^ 
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I think at least one of those "oh"s should be an "ah."
That's what she said. ;D


But you're right... I also forgot a semi-colon. Ah, the woes and joys of memorization, they are many!
Stick your tongue out at me all you want, but next I'm attacking "My Heart, Being Hungry", which is much longer than four lines!!
Hey, you do a good job. The only poems I *ever* have memorized are ones I wrote songs to. And even then, I get the words wrong once in a while.

Oh, you are too much...*wipes away tear* You can prolly get away with it with that lovely voice and cello of yours... I doubt even I would notice.

But then, men act like misognystic pigs all subtle and I don't catch on! Like this guy who was hitting hardcore on my friend and I didn't realize it until she told me after... apparently he was being really agressive and not taking no for an answer or not respecting her "boyfriend" or something like that... wtf?

He's cute though; next time, I'm gonna come on to him and freak him out. Subver the patriarchy! *pumps fist*

Hey, did ya hear? I got nominated for some Diversity Award at my school, and assuming such, I wrote some stuff about how I "subvert the patriarchy" on the sheet that asked what my on-campus activities had been...

Damn! I should start reciting Millay poems all around campus, like, just randomly!
You rule! Congrats on that nomination!

Yeah, guys can suck sometimes -- there are a lot of predators out there (though not just men necessarily) and people need to stand up for themselves and be willing to get aggro on someone's ass if they don't back down!
Yeah, why don't I notice these things? XD

Well, it's sad, 'cause he's so cute! Hee. I'll definitely try and gender-fuck him next time... Or is fighting fire with fire bad? ;P