unwoman (unwoman) wrote in edna_millay,

Two Edna St Vincent MIllay pieces


Two of my new songs are on the Red Vic Sessions myspace page (both songs together in the one called "unwoman live"), for a limited time only. Downloadable too.

It's mono, not close-mic-ed, and live therefore not the highest quality (hear that cappucino foaming in the background?) but nonetheless pretty good quality and not a bad performance considering it was mostly a premiere.

The first song is the poem "Three Songs of Shattering," the second is "The Shroud." Both are from Renascence and Other Poems which Millay wrote when she was about 19 (!). I'm working on a suite of these poems, which will be on my next album. Just cello and voice, which is a fun challenge to compose for. Sheet music will be available. Licensing may be a challenge; Millay's work moves into public domain in 19 years from what I can tell.
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